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Quote of the Moment

I thence
Invoke thy aid to my adventrous Song,
That with no middle flight intends to soar
Above th' Aonian Mount, while it pursues
Things unattempted yet in Prose or Rhime.
And chiefly Thou O Spirit, that dost prefer
Before all Temples th' upright heart and pure,
Instruct me, for Thou know'st; Thou from the first
Wast present, and with mighty wings outspread
Dove-like satst brooding on the vast Abyss
And mad'st it pregnant: What in me is dark
Illumin, what is low raise and support;
That to the highth of this great Argument
I may assert Eternal Providence,
And justifie the wayes of God to men.

- John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book 1

Recent Updates

Today was a very late snow day, and I used it to complete some work on the website. First of all, I put together a Tier List for Final Fantasy 5 Solo Jobs, which has been on the website for a few weeks now but not mentioned here on the main page. This represents the ending point for the ten years that I spent playing through all of those solo character runs, and it's not something that you're likely to find anywhere else. For better or for worse, heh. Another update just added today was a final writeup for the Rogue Legacy section, where I unlocked and played through the game with the secret Traitor class. This was a fun little side project that I did in my spare time, and I'm glad that I could put a final report together for Rogue Legacy. I've also been making some further updates to the Travel section of the website, where I completed the lengthy writeup of my Eastern Canada Trip from 2013, as well as shorter reports from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park just a month ago and the Champs Sports Bowl all the way back in 2006. The Travel section is starting to get pretty crowded at this point, with more than three dozen total pages finished and close to a hundred (!) more planned. It's going to be a lengthy project.

Most of my current gaming time continues to go towards the ongoing Play By Email Game #7 for Civ6. It eats up somewhere between one to two hours per day, and that doesn't leave enough time to do a lot else. I've put my streaming time on hold for the moment until the game wraps up since I can't justify investing that much time in the PBEM game and also streaming on top of it. We likely have another month or two remaining between one team emerges victorious - hopefully my team. Finally, I updated the Collected Editorials page to include the editorials that I've written over the past two years. If you missed some of these along the way, they're assembled here in one easy place for additional reading.

I spent the last few weeks working on a project that's been a long while in the planning stages: the report for the PBEM4 game for Civ6. This was not a game that I myself took part in, but it was a fantastic game of naval combat played out on an archipelago map with some epic fleet vs fleet combat. The report ended up running to six pages and it's a very substantial piece of work. If you've enjoyed any of the Civ6 content on my website, you have an hour or two of reading ahead of you. Enjoy.

Happy New Year! It's been a busy few weeks here over the holiday, and I'm about to leave again on a weeklong work trip to San Diego. In the meantime, there are several updates on the website to share. The largest of these is the addition of the last remaining solo job class from Final Fantasy 5, this one being the Solo Oracle. This is one of the strangest and most unique classes in the game, and I had a lot of fun playing through the class and writing up a lengthy report. Aside from that one gaming piece, the remainder of the new content is located in the Travel section of the website. I'm about halfway completed with the writeup from a major trip in 2013 through Eastern Canada, while I've also been putting together some shorter single page trips. There's a fun set of pictures that I have from a Maryland vs Duke basketball game back when I was a graduate student, and another short report from my winter trip to Iceland in 2005, which complements the later trip that I took there in the summer of 2016. With the Travel section growing in content, I also added an alphabetical listing of all the reports collected together at the bottom of the main page. That should help in future searching for anyone who wants to go to a specific page. Livestreaming should resume when I get back from my work trip next week. Until then, enjoy the new website content!

This was a busy two weeks for updates. First of all, there's a new Civ6 report featuring Poland on Immortal difficulty called Poland Can Into Space. This is a spaceship game as the name suggests, and it's the first writeup I've done featuring the Civ6 lategame in some time. Definitely worth a look if you're into Civ6 content. I also have a new editorial related to Civ6, my final pre-expansion review of the game titled Exceeds Expectations: Civ6 One Year Review. For those of you who have been reading through my articles over the last year it likely won't contain anything too new, but it's a good summary of the pros and cons of Civilization 6 after the first year of patching has finished.

Next up is some more post-competition content for Civ4 AI Survivor. We decided to replay the same map half a dozen times to see how the game would play out, and test just how random the competition games truly are. The results are summarized in Civ4 AI Survivor: Alternate Histories #1. This was enough fun that we'll likely check out a few other games as well. I've also been upgraded from dedicated lurker to active turn player in the ongoing Play By Email Game #7 for Civ6, as a result of filling in for BrickAstley while he attends to some personal issues. I'm linking the active forum thread for that game at Realms Beyond again; if you've ever been interested in reading along with one of these games while it's ongoing, this is your chance.

Finally, I've also completed the very lengthy writeup for the European Grand Tour in the Travel section. This was a 31 day adventure across Europe that took place last summer, and the writeup has run to about 100,000 words and close to 1000 images in total. It's been a massive undertaking and I've very pleased at how it all turned out. If you have an interest in travel writing as opposed to gaming, you have hours of reading ahead of you. We'll see how much else I'm able to get done during the holiday season. As always, thanks for reading!

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