Realms Beyond Epic #1: The (Not-So?) Honorable French

The first game organized by the Realms Beyond crew had the goal of playing under very stringent "Honorable" rules. Was I able to stick to them? And how would I fare in my first game on Emperor difficulty?

valign="top" 4000BC      Background: The RB Epics, Sirian's Rules, and My Start

valign="top" 2350BC       Barbs and Babs Irritate Me to No End
valign="top" 1000BC       The Second Babylonian War
valign="top" 150BC     An Uneasy Peace
valign="top" 280AD     No Mercy, No Quarter, No Surrender
valign="top" 780AD     A Change of Strategy and a Rules Dilemma
valign="top" 1000AD     The Agony of Waiting
valign="top" 1270AD     Into the Glue Factory
valign="top" 1365AD     Was It Honorable?