GOTM8: Otto Throws His Weight Around!

Once again I venture into the most popular of all competition games, CivFanatics's Game of the Month #8, and I have LOTS to say about it...

valign="top" 4000BC      In The Beginning...

valign="top" 1425BC       Prelude: Setting Up for the Big Show
valign="top" 520AD       Act I, Scene I: Russia
valign="top" 710AD      Act I, Scene II: France
valign="top" 1010AD     Act I, Scene III: England
valign="top" 1090AD     Interlude: Settling Old Scores
valign="top" 1500AD     Act II, Scene I: India
valign="top" 1525AD     Act II, Scene II: Japan
valign="top" 1560AD     Act II, Scene III: China
valign="top" 2050AD     Epilogue: The Curtain Falls