Realms Beyond Epic #2: Gem Traders on the High Seas

The second game played by the Realms Beyond crew had the goal of racking up scenario points for fulfilling various "scenario" objectives. Read on for a journey into this variant scoring system.

valign="top" Introduction: The Scenario Rules


valign="top" 4000BC       Where's the Beef? (Food)
valign="top" 2270BC       Russian Chokepoint
valign="top" 730BC     The Age of Exploration
valign="top" 230BC     The World Explodes in Violence
valign="top" 130AD     A Broken Deal?! Oh, the Humanity!
valign="top" 590AD     The Siege of Moscow: Catherine's Final Fate
valign="top" 970AD     A Lull in the Winds of War
valign="top" 1420AD     A Date That Would Live in Infamy
valign="top" 1590AD     Tokugawa Pays the Price of Arrogance
valign="top" 1700AD     The Great Literacy Campaign
valign="top" 1856AD     Endgame