Master of Orion

More stories and tales from one of the finest strategy games of all time.
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Early Solo Games

First Game: Noob Paradise

A Hostile Galaxy

Brainiac Attack

Meklar Corner

Da Bears

Humanity Needs You!
I respond to a MOO challenge posted at CivFanatics.

YellowPsi's Challenge
A similar challenge posted at Realms Beyond.

Impossible Games

Mission Impossible

Flying Into Disaster

Holding On

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Walk in the Park

RefSteel's Meklar Challenge
Another CivFanatics challenge game, this time on Impossible.

YouTube Video Playthrough: Klackons
Master of Orion reporting enters the YouTube age.

Twitch Livestream Playthrough: Silicoids
Finally a chance to feature the game's most unique race.

Uphill Struggle
A genuine new written Master of Orion report with the Sakkra.

Darloks In A Box
An intense Small map showdown using the shapeshifters.

Realms Beyond Orion Imperia

RBO10: Return to Glory

RBO11: Rise of the Triad

RBO12: Anti-Environmentalists

RBO14: Ursine Archaeologists

RBO36: Space Opera

RBO42: Life, The Universe, and Everything

RBO45: Mulligan's Luck

Succession Games

OSG14b: Cold Blooded Killers
We explore the use of bioweapons with the Sakkra in a Hard galaxy.

OSG20: Bearly In Motion
Taking the Bulrathi for a spin on Impossible... several different times!

OSG29A: The Charismatic Introverts
Playing as the Humans, no diplomacy with other races.


Why There Will Never Be Another Master of Orion
Pondering what makes MOO a great game.

Complete Master of Orion Record